Team & Partners

Our Team

Rosmarie Steininger
Founder & CEO

  • MA in Business Studies and Information Management, University of Regensburg and MSc in European Studies, London School of Economics
  • 8 years of experience developing algorithms, Change Management and Project Lead at BMW Group
  • 6 years of experience as Project Lead and Deputy Managing Director Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation, BMW AG, Senior Manager BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Claudia Romaniuk
Languages & Projects

  • BA in Translation and Interpreting
  • Numerous years of experience in international project/account management and business development.
  • German mother tongue, has lived and worked in London for over 10 years

Ina Penck

  • BA in Business Studies, Universty of Bayreuth (Focus on Human Resources, Leadership, Taxes, English)
  • Work experiences in HR departments
  • 8 years internal audit at Linde AG


Matteo Albanese


  • B.Sc. in psychologischer Wissenschaft und Technik, Guglielmo Marconi Universität Rom
  • Webdesigner


Deepak Balaram


  • Softwareentwickler
  • Absolvent M.Sc. Software Engineering in Industrial Applications, Hochschule Hof

Unser Beirat


Thomas Latka

IT & Business


Richard Mitterhuber


Dagmar Nietzer

Geschäftsmodelle, Entrepreneurship

Guido Weber

Marketing, Kommunikation, Strategie

Our Partners

Prof. Dr. Markus Bühner

Psychological Methodology and Diagnostics, LMU Munich


PD Dr. Felix Schönbrodt

Institute of Psychological Methods and Diagnostics at Ludwig-Maximilians-University München (LMU Munich)


Prof. Dr. Markus Bühner and PD Dr. Felix Schönbrodt chairs of Psychological Methodology and Assessment at LMU Munich have developed the personality test that is used in our matching procedures. The questions have been designed on the basis of the renowned Big Five personality model.

In Uffing am Staffelsee sitzt die IT- und Grafikagentur, die für uns alles macht, was mit Gestaltung und IT zu tun hat. Bei Seitwerk als Partner stimmt für uns alles - fachlich und menschlich.

Darüber hinaus haben wir ein gemeinsames Interesse an gesellschaftlicher Verantwortung:

Jürgen Janku

Geschäftsführer Seitwerk


Michael Baumgartner


Kristin Jungbauer


Weitere Partner

We are delighted that in May 2018 we have been accepted to the German Society for Mentoring and look forward to supporting them in their aims of high quality exchanges and networking.