CHEMISTREE providing platform and matchmaking for the summer of purpose

Summer of PurposeFrom 26th – 28th June the summer of purpose brings together people from science, art and culture, politics, business, sport and society to initate a creative dialogue about questions that seem more pressing than ever during times of crises: Which purpose should our economic activity have in the future? What should the common response out of the crisis look like? How do we make sure that humanity can once again play a more important role in our economies and ecologies?

The covid-19 pandemic has clearly highlighted old and new boundaries to humanity and is a call to action – now more than ever. At the same time, a lot of tried and tested recipes and solutions are obsolete. It is becoming increasingly apparent that instead creative thinking is needed. A thinking that is the result of inspiring conversations and fresh dialogues - intiated and catalysed during three days of summer of purpose.

CHEMISTREE proudly provides the technical platform for community management and matching to initiate purpose-driven connections.

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CHEMISTREE Founder Rosmarie Steininger advises German Government during update of AI strategy

"Framework for the human-centred use of AI in work and society" – this is the title of the specialist forum on 26th February in Berlin hosted by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.

CHEMISTREE Founder Rosmarie Steininger was one of two dozen leading experts from science, associations, foundations and practice that discussed with representatives of the ministries what groundwork should be laid in order to use algorithm-based systems and artificial intelligence for the benefit of people and society. The basis for this included the recommended actions of the Data Ethics Commission from October 2019 and the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence: a European approach to excellence and trust by the European Commission from February 2020.

Rosmarie Steininger presented the CHEMISTREE model, based on transparency and data sovereignty, using a current project as an example. She emphasised that she did not only want to make an argument from a business point of view but also provide a best practice model for other providers in the market. “What we achieved at Deutsche Bahn working together with the personnel department and the works council is truly a role model! I think this broad scope of discussion is important and right if we want to achieve trustworthy AI.”, she concluded.

Dealing with artificial intelligence in work and society is also one of the focal points of the German AI observatory, which started its work on March 3rd in Berlin.

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CHEMISTREE Matching awarded German Excellence Prize at herCAREER career trade fair

Deutscher Exzellenz-PreisDigital - Innovative – Creative is the motto of the German Excellence Prize, whose top-class jury from business, media and science honoured herCAREER for the digital matching developed by CHEMISTREE with 1st place in the "Digital Services" category.

Suitable jobs, consulting offers, exciting workshops and the right encounters: CHEMISTREE GmbH’s matching technology can determine the match strength with extreme high precision and helps match people systematically und successfully. Whether you want tailor-made networking suggestions for lunch dates or events, to create cross-department or cross-country teams of experts for sustainable knowledge transfer or the perfect match of mentor and mentee – customer satisfaction always rests on the quality of the data gathering and processing. In the case of the German Excellence Prize the customer were the visitors of herCAREER trade fair, who made use of matching as a digital service.

As the leading trade fair for female career planning, herCAREER is organized annually by GmbH in Munich. The fair, which is aimed at graduates, women in specialist and management positions and founders, wants to promote dialogue and cross-hierarchical networking between visitors and exhibitors. messerock's managing director Natascha Hoffner explains the concept of viewing the exhibition stand as a meeting place, in which a professional and personal exchange between visitors, stand personnel and speakers is supported thanks to matching interests.
This is exactly where CHEMISTREE comes into play: In order to optimize fair visits for participants and systematically bring them together with the right exhibitors, their details and interests were gathered in advance using a questionnaire and digitally matched with the offers of the exhibitors. Visitors received a personalised trade fair program in line with their interests, made possible by CHEMISTREE, who generated over 100,000 matches within a week.

"The 27-member jury under the patronage of Brigitte Zypries, retired Federal Minister, has decided that our digital trade fair matching for visitors deserves this award," said Natascha Hoffner, managing director of GmbH, acknowledging CHEMISTREE’s impressive performance at this year’s German Excellence Prize.
Rosmarie Steininger, CHEMISTREE GmbH’s founder, returns the compliment: „This makes herCAREER a pioneer in the use of digital possibilities for optimal trade fair visits. We are proud to make this possible with our matching.”
The German Excellence Prize is awarded annually by the German Institute for Service Quality together with DUB Unternehmer-Magazin and the news channel n-tv for outstanding products, services, campaigns, initiatives, managers and doers of the German economy.