What People Say About Us

BMW 100 Jahre World Tour

rad°hub Dialogformate
London & LA, 2016; Rotterdam 2018, BMW Group
Jeweils 100 internationale Teilnehmer
Innovationsgruppen und Lunch Dates


"BMW Group rad°hub is a high-profile exchange with hand-picked participants. Its aim is, in just one day, to bring about tangible and feasible innovations for the future of the BMW Group. In order to achieve this it is instrumental to bring the right people together and to foster a meaningful exchange quickly. We succeeded by using professional matching that not only took technical qualifications into account but first and foremost personality features. This formed the best possible basis for the groups to co-operate successfully and inspire each other."

Michaela Gilg, Organiser, April 2017
BMW Group

BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Event matching for discussion forum denkraum

Matching working groups and one to one encounters
Matching July 2018


"Alongside knowledge transfer, our discussion format denkraum’s main focus is to foster dialogue and enable networking between people of different organisations and with varying backgrounds. One of our main challenges is to connect the right people: We don’t only aim to start stimulating discussions during the event but want to enable sustainable connections for when the forum has finished. Chemistree’s matching concept and their execution played an integral part in achieving this." 


Christina Smith,
BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

MUST 2018

MUC Summit GmbH’s mission is to position Munich and Bavaria as leading location for tech start-ups in Europe and is bringing together top international start-ups with established tech companies. Part of this mission is MUST – The Munich Summit, a yearly two-day event with the aim of uniting top industry players, start-ups from over 20 countries, investors, scientists und multiplicators under one roof to facilitate deal and match making. MUST was conceived and coined by the three university based founding centres UnternehmerTUM, Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship and LMU Entrepreneurship Center. 

After Lunch Dates as well as individual meetings as part of the Munich Startup Summit 2018.
February 2018

"The professional partnership with Chemistree, which was reflected in the positive results, lead to excellent matches based on professional as well as personal questions (after an evaluation period), which in turn paved the way for future-proof co-operations."

Matthias Notz
CEO, MUC Summit GmbH, März 2018

BMW GetConnected Espresso-Tandems

Matching für professional exchanges within BMW Group's Development Department
Matching in October 2017 + Evaluation in January 2018


"The BMW Group’s electronics division has always been driven by 100% reliability when it comes the perfection and punctuality of project launches. Having a chat over a coffee is not really on the agenda. It is obvious though, that network thinking and innovation go hand in hand. To win over a discerning community of this calibre, you have to show that an efficient and targeted knowledge transfer will take place. The pilot ‚GetConnected / Espresso Tandems’ in one leading department convinced participants to carry on and to widen the group of participants in order to find further suitable matching partners. I totally trust Chemistree and their professionalism and cooperative approach and look forward to working with them and launching new activities."

Claudia Trouvain, Business Innovation Key Account Manager,
BMW Group, February 2018


Messe München

Cross-Industry Matching ISPO Munich & LOPEC
Matching participants of the trade fair for sports professionals and of the trade fair for printed electronics as innovation is driven by matching differing perspectives and solutions.
Matching in January 2018


“True to its leitmotif „Connecting Global Competence“ Messe München offers exhibitors of different trade shows the opportunity to get to know one another, to meet and connect in order to foster new ideas. To achieve this, Chemistree’s tools were exactly right for us in order to facilitate perfectly matched meetings rather than chance encounters at ISPO Munich and LOPEC. 

Matching was exactly tailored to the participants’ needs: They could determine whether they wanted an insight into other professional areas, to find someone to talk to about their area of expertise or learn surprising new things.
We think it is unique that the focus is not only on professional criteria but also on finding the right chemistry between matches. 

In Chemistree we have found a very professional and committed partner and have, alongside the matching process, also worked together to conduct an evaluation of the results and established next steps. The vast majority of our participants want more matching experiences of this kind.“  

Peter Görtler, New Business Development Manager & Consultant, Messe München GmbH


MentorMe Class 2017/18 and 2018/19

Matching young, female university students with experienced mentors for the social enterprise MenterMe
since August 2017


‚MentorMe is the biggest independent professional mentoring program for young women in Germany. We help female university students to successfully enter the job market and support young professionals to further their careers and climb the career ladder or support them during career changes. Chemistree was instrumental in raising the matching process to a professional level. Thanks to Chemistree, our matching process is now more cost efficient, quicker and of a much higher quality. Furthermore, working with Rosmarie Steininger was a real pleasure – she works efficiently and has a real feel for her clients’ needs.’

Karin Heinzl, Founder and CEO,
MentorMe, January 2018


ment4u Pilot Class 2017/18

Tandems comprising apprentices as well as students of integrated degree programs and experienced DB employees.
Matching in October 2017


'Together with Chemistree, we at Deutsche Bahn used our mentoring program ment4u and matched apprentices as well as students of integrated degree programs with experienced DB employees. We were able to include personal interests, preferred topics, character traits and various other benchmarks in the algorithm of the matching process. It was remarkable how well the tandems got on from the very beginning.’

Katharina Sehl, Project Lead ment4u,
Deutsche Bahn AG, December 2017


Ready GO Leadership Development Programme

Munich, 2017 and 2018
BMW Group
10 international teams

'This algorithm-based matching method corroborated by scientific research is an absolute must-have experience for every organisation willing to “think outside the box” and “break with the norm”. After this experience one questions conventional methods of putting teams together randomlywithout giving the chemistry, aptitude, drive and purpose of the various team members too much thought.

With the help of this tool we brought people together to collaborate in multidisciplinary project teams with multi-skilled, multi-generational and multicultural team members. On an equal footing senior managers, social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and millennials are learning from each other how to succeed in an interconnected world.'

Leena Kelkar-Stephan, Programme Director, Strategic Leadership Development Programmes, BMW Group, June 2017

World Responsible Leaders Forum

Munich, 2016, (BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt)
>500 international participants
Trans-sectional Vision Dates



"We bring people together to develop mutually beneficial solutions across cultural and sector boundaries. Fostering inspiring meetings and personal exchange are at the heart of everything we do. However, when there are more than 500 participants we soon reach our limits when it comes to encouraging personal connections. The matching tool allowed us to easily increase the possibilities for meetings during the event, to foster dialogue and connect people that would have probably never met otherwise."

Ilka Hennet, Organiser
BMW Foundation, March 2017


"Matching gave me a wonderful opportunity to get to know inspiring people and meet just the right contacts. I didn‘t even know beforehand that they could be right for me."

Dr. Birgit Hoyer, Participant
Manager Centre for Teacher Training, Erlangen-Nuremberg University, March 2017

Lehr:werkstatt, educational programme in German schools, since 2012

(Kuenheim Foundation/BMW Foundation)
> 1000 teachers and students
1 year tandems 

"The matching tool helped us to automize many time-consuming tasks. It‘s individualised, quick and produces very good results. The evaluation proved this clearly."

Carl-August Graf v. Kospoth (1965 - 2017)

As Director Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation & BMW Foundatin Herbert Quandt, February 2017 

"I took part in the first Lehr:werkstatt year at the University Erlangen-Nuremburg. I couldn’t have wished for a better teacher mentoring me. In my opinion your matching tool is a great invention: I was matched with a teacher who is on the same wavelength and whom I see as a role model in teaching and beyond.“

Andrea Seitz, Student, February 2017