How we work

Individual Concept

We will translate your goals into connections that click. We will work with you and design your project to make sure that the setting, execution and the participants‘ involvement is the best it can be. 

Tailor-made Questionnaires

Our matching is based on questionnaires that all participants fill in online. These questionnaires include personality profiles, questions about interests and the participants‘ expectations for a collaboration or meeting. They are individually designed together with psychologists and set the ground rules for a specific collaboration.

The Optimal Algorithms

Following on from that, all participants‘ profiles will be compared in a matching run, possible matches are identified and evaluated against each other according to the answers given by the participants. Afterwards, the matching tandems will be established from a multitude of possibilities. The matching tools use algorithms such as the Deferred Acceptance Algorithm by Economic Sciences Nobel Prize laureates Alvin E. Roth and Lloyd S. Shapley. This ensures that the maximum amount of best possible tandems is established.  

Your Successful Project/Endeavour

Depending on the requirements of each individual matching process you or the participants will receive all the necessary information to their matches. If necessary, we can support you with the setting for each encounter. The focus will always be on the human being, the matching software plays a supporting role.