Internal Networking Suite

Innovative organisations stand out by adopting a culture of exchange and openness: Today, solutions such as sophisticated technology is not being developed by single employees but through inter-departmental co-operation, often across several countries.
The Internal Networking Suite combines everything you need for your organisation or department to foster this culture: Ranging from Lunch Dates for cross-departmental conversations to making professionally very in-depths connections between your employees. Make sure that you are creating a sustainable information and knowledge transfer between your experts. 

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Internal Networking Suite

Quick and simple connections amongst colleagues from different departments on the basis of freely definable criteria

Systematically cross-link new employees in the best possible way

Maximum knowledge transfer, e. g. matching departing employees with the perfect knowledge recipient 

Improved working atmosphere by systematically introducing a specially selected group of colleagues from neighbouring departments

Shadow a colleague for an entire working day – on a par, based on professional criteria and the right chemistry


Foster collaboration between different departments by linking up the right employees – reduce silo mentality, identify and use chances for collaboration


Keep the group exchange after training sessions or programs alive – either in groups or one to one


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Generate information and news for all participants of the suite or for select groups

Search for and filter participants based on different criteria, generate lists, select participants for modules after it has been approved by workers’ council and data protection 


Give your employees the opportunity to look for and find each other based on 


Define and manage internal events; match groups or one to one meetings so it is not a co-incidence that the right people meet