What We Offer


Analysis & Concept

We will support you to optimally design your event with the right encounters and matching teams – it will be tailor-made
to suit your parameters, your goals, your purpose.

Matching for events

Our matching tool will enable you to reach your event’s full potential. We will – efficiently and effectively – make sure that it’s not up to chance that the right people meet and collaborate. We can ‘engineer serendipity’.

Matching for internal HR and organisational development programs

We will design the right tandems and teams for you. These collaborators will have, apart from matching professionally, the right chemistry. They will achieve more, overcome hurdles and create something new.

Matching for mentoring and partnerships that have a positive impact on society

We will help you find professional tandems of the highest quality to reach your goals with regards to making positive changes in society – your employees can focus on their core responsibilities.

The best conditions from the very outset for your participants

We will provide your participants with the suitable responses to their matches – fully automated yet customised. If you wish, we can help you plan
ideal kick off meetings to create the right basis for your event’s or program’s success.


Would you like to find out more?

Please get in touch and we will answer all your questions and can tailor an individual solution for you. This can be anything
from a quick and easy to use out of the box application to a highly bespoke premium solution.

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