How You Can Benefit

Reduce Your Workload

By automating many tasks (data collection, creating the best tandems and teams, automatic mailing etc.) you will save time and can concentrate on the things that only you can do.

Increase Quality

Our matching solutions are based on exactly those criteria that are important to you. Our algorithms won‘t stop calculation until the best teams or tandems have been found – our algorithms won‘t run out of time. That‘s why these teams work harmoniously on a long-term basis and will get better results. 

Transparency & Accountability

We will find the best match for every participant, everyone is treated equally, regardless of age or gender, etc. The participants decide themselves how they present themselves and retain the power over their data.

Synergies & Evolution

Our systems improve and learn with each evaluation. That way your matches are getting better and better.

Activation & Commitment

You need as many people as possible to participate in your event or within your community for networking to happen and work well. You can raise participant figures and commitment if you can promise valuable contacts – through professional matching. 

Your USP for Your Participants

Your participants have the unique opportunity to be seen as individuals with all their personality and character traits and be connected to the people that are exactly right for them. This will result in a motivating and inspiring experience making sure that your event or program will be something really special for the participants.