Special Encounters

Your Challenge?


‘At conferences, I tend to meet the people that I already know or I have chance encounters. I often leave with the feeling that I could have gotten more out of it. It would be great to find and meet people to talk to that are perfect matches for me even if I don‘t know who that might be. In turn, I should be the ideal person for them to speak to so we can have a meaningful exchange as equal partners.’ 



‘I‘m working to full capacity organising an event. There is little or no time to sort out who should be meeting whom as I don‘t know most of the attendees.’

Our Solution!

You can raise an event‘s potential if meetings and conversations meet – or even exceed – the participants‘ expectations. As organiser you can do just that: You define the aim of a particular event and based on that we help you design the relevant questions for the attendees. Professional criteria play an equal role to soft factors, such as expectations or perspective of participants. Prior to the event, attendees answer these questions online (e.g. during the registration process). We will carry out the matching process for you and will quickly generate high-quality and meaningful suggestions for who should meet whom.