The Right Groups

Your Challenge?


‘It is often left up to chance which groups you end up being assigned to. These groups have the potential to produce something great – or not as the case may be.’



‘There are endless possibilities how you can group people together. Everything depends on an endless amount of factors. Within the limits of my tools, it is very difficult for me to find the ideal group for everyone.’

Our Solution!

People need the right framework to inspire each other, collaborate successfully and spark creativity. In any given context, a team will work well (be it for a day or for a longer period of time) if, for example, certain roles are fulfilled – Implementer, Shaper, Visionary etc. The team should be made up of the right group of people in order to reach the organiser‘s goals – it should be cross-sectional, have a mixed demographic or whatever else is important to the organiser. We will work with you on the parameters that should be fulfilled, and then we will do the matching for you and present you with the results.